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Sistema de Guiado de Tráfico en Autopistas

The variable message sign and lane control sign system is referred to VMS guidance control system, which is mainly composed of full matrix VMS and lane control sign (LCS), speed limit sign (VSLS), local controller, lane detector and communication connection system. The control software is composed of a collection of control software and so on. The detection system collects the traffic flow status of each lane and feedback to the control center in real time. With other detection devices, such as weather monitoring, the control center computer uses the control algorithm to instruct the VMS to display the guidance information and guide effectively vehicles to run in an orderly manner to avoid traffic congestion.

Once there is an abnormal condition on the road, the control center will make timely adjustments and reflections based on the feedback information of the detection systems, and deal with the plan procedures. Of course, the personnel of the control center have the actual situation, if combined with the CCTV monitoring situation, the system can be controlled by human intervention. When necessary, if a serious road accident occurs, after the road management personnel arrive at the scene, they can also use the scene controller near the scene to perform the highest priority intervention control on the VMS around the scene.

Highways and expressways, especially expressways or ring expressways around the city or between cities, are characterized by closed roads, many lanes, multiple junctions, large traffic volume, and obvious traffic tidal phenomena. The introduction of the VMS guidance and control system has played an obvious role in traffic diversion, which has been widely used in cities in developed countries.

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